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Welcome to Florida... Where “Retirement” brings on a whole new meaning!


"The Villages" in Central Florida
Professional Golf Courses, Adult Entertainment, and So Much More

The Villages of Lady Lake, Florida, is one of the most sought after residences for retirement in the USA. The Villages FL, of Lady Lake, FL, is a retirement community located in the heart of Central Florida. If you want to plan your retirement in a community that offers all the amenities that you would expect for a vacation.. then The Villages FL is the right retirement community for you. The Villages has everything you could want out of retirement and more, which is why we here a Retire2Fla.com have decided to take your advice and build a page in regards to The Villages, to help you get a feel for what The Villages have to offer from people who not only live in Florida, but live around The Villages.

One of the attractive things about The Villages retirement community, are the two town squares.. Spanish Springs and Lake Sumter Landing. These two town squares are located at opposite ends of The Villages. Now you may be wondering exactly how big The Villages are that you need two town squares? Well the answer is that The Villages FL aren't just a regular retirement community like all the other gated retirement communities that you may be researching. The Villages is a great congregation of multiple communities that all form their own city which is located between Ocala and Leesburg, and right next to Lady Lake. Both Lake Sumter Landing and Spanish Springs Town Square offer a plethora of things to do, from movie theaters to coffee shops. If you don't have a golf cart yet, you can buy or rent one in from the golf cart shop.

You can sit by the lake at Lake Sumter Landing, or have a bite to eat at Panera Bread or Starbucks. In the mood for real NY style pizza? Then don't forget to stop by Bravos Pizza in Lake Sumter Landing for some of the best NY style pizza you will ever find! Both of the Town Squares contain serene views. At the Spanish Springs Square you feel like you have been whisked away to another country as the entire scenery is of the spanish origin. Lake Sumter Landing boast a lakeside setting that includes restaurants such as "Up the Greek" that give you enjoyable lakeside dining. Whatever your mood both of The Villages Town Squares can accommodate you. For the active, both the squares offer scenic bike paths, play areas for your grandchildren, fishing, and golf. For the romantic, there is lakeside dining by the stars, moonlit walks on the boardwalk, and dancing with different live bands in the middle of the town square almost every weekend. These squares are both famous enough in the central florida area that they draw visitors from further away than Orlando, so if your curious about whether or not The Villages can accommodate your lifestyle, don't worry.. The Villages FL, of Lady Lake, FL, has you covered.

The Villages are a vast expanding area. It is a widely known fact that in Lake, Sumter, and Marion Counties.. The Villages are always expanding their boundaries by buying more land. They are now in the process of developing hundreds of acres of land to the south and southwest of their current residences. As you drive into the town of Wildwood and further north on HWY 301, you can see the communities taking shape. The unmistakable formation of even more golf courses (as if The Villages didn't have enough already), new community roadways, and the golf cart paths (one of the things that The Villages are known for) are popping up everywhere. So what does this mean to you? Well, it means that you don't have to be worried about being packed in a small area of land like in your everyday RV Parks. The Villages cover a extremely large area and are ever expanding to cover multiple cities. Each house has a front and back yard and they are spacious. Have you ever seen a movie where a couple are driving through a neighborhood that is so nice that you say to yourself.. that community just doesn't exist? Well it does.. here at The Villages.

Finally we have the golf courses! The Villages Golf Courses are a thing of beauty. One of the most lucrative things about becoming a resident of The Villages in Lady Lake is that as a resident of The Villages retirement community, you will enjoy year round golf for the rest of your life at any of The Villages Executive golf courses. When you have conquered all of the executive golf courses that The Villages have to offer, there is still an abundance of Championship Golf Courses left for you expand you golf skills with. Can't play Golf? Don't worry, because The Villages also have a professional senior golf instruction program. Here is a list of courses that you can play at The Villages:

Executive Golf Courses Located in The Villages FL:

  • De La Vista Executive Golf Course
  • Hilltop Executive Golf Course
  • Mira Mesa Executive Golf Course
  • El Santiago Executive Golf Course
  • El Diablo Executive Golf Course
  • Chula Vista Executive Golf Course
  • Churchill Greens Executive Golf Course
  • Oakleigh Executive Golf Course
  • Heron Executive Golf Course
  • Bacall Executive Golf Course
  • Saddlebrook Executive Golf Course
  • Silver Lake Executive Golf Course
  • Hawkes Bay Executive Golf Course
  • Briarwood Executive Golf Course
  • Walnut Grove Executive Golf Course
  • Amberwood Executive Golf Course
  • Pimlico Executive Golf Course
  • Belmont Executive Golf Course
  • Pelican Executive Golf Course
  • Bogart Executive Golf Course

You can play these Executive Golf Courses above for as a resident of The Villages!

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Championship Golf Courses Located in The Villages FL:

  • Mallory Hill Championship Golf Course
  • Cane Garden Championship Golf Course
  • Arnold Palmer Legends Championship Golf Course
  • Nancy Lopez Legacy Championship Golf Course
  • Hacienda Hills Championship Golf Course
  • Glenview Champions Championship Golf Course
  • Tierra Del Sol Championship Golf Course
  • Orange Blossom Hills Championship Golf Course

Play these golf courses when you feel the need for a challenge. Who knows, you may meet Arnold Palmer or even Nancy Lopez (Nancy Lopez's house sits alongside the fairway of her golf course The Legacy).

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