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Medical (Prescription Drugs & Medicare)

Five Ways to Save at the Pharmacy

It is no secret that the cost of prescription drugs is spiraling upward at an alarming rate. In fact, we as Americans spent over $170 billion on prescriptions in 2004 and prescription costs have more than quadrupled since 1991. According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, 29% of people say someone in their household did not take a prescription in the past year because of cost. Read More on Five Ways to Save at the Pharmacy

The Diet Solution Program

Stop Dieting... Start Eating... and Start Living! The #1 HONEST and ALL NATURAL Diet & Nutrition Program On The Internet. Click Here to Learn More!

Tips To Chiropractic Consultation

Chiropractic consultations need not be a cause of worry with the some tips and bits of information. Read More about Tips To Chiropractic Consultation

Vision, Nutrition and Cataracts

Good nutrition can play a preventative role in delaying the onset and/or progression of the cataract. Here we are referring to age-related cataracts which occur when protein clusters up in the lens and causes opacity, or when the lens discolors due to the effects of aging. Read More about Vision, Nutrition and Cataracts