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Retirement Insurance Information
Are you planning to retire to Florida?

Term Life Insurance :

Term Life Insurance is insurance that you can pay for over a certain length of time (term) specified at the time of purchase. This "term" for the "Term Life Insurance" is usually to be anywhere from 1 - 20 years. The face value, or worth, of the Term Life Insurance can be specified by you. This "face value" though is what will effect the premium (payments), which are to be made annually, semi-annually, quarterly, or monthly. The premium of the Term Life Insurance can also be specified to be the same amount throughout it's course or increase in time.

Universal Life Insurance:

Universal Life Insurance is life insurance that has the ability to gain a monetary cash value. This life insurance is a permanent fixture until your time of passing, then which the cash value of the life insurance policy will go directly to the beneficiary. You can make the face value of the policy lesser or greater depending upon your changing needs to protect your loved ones.

Variable Life Insurance:

Variable Life Insurance is also a permanent fixture until your time of passing. Variable Life Insurance, however, gives you the ability to invest some of your life insurance policies premium into different accounts. Each of these accounts are all parts of the whole (account). Each of the other accounts will have their own plan for investment. The money borrowed from the main account can be invested in the money market, stocks, and bonds. These securities will individually help to grow your main life insurance policies cash value. The main draw back to Variable Life Insurance is that there are no guarantees with this policy, there is a risk variable that has to be considered.

Whole Life Insurance:

Whole Life Insurance is a type of insurance that you carry with you for your "Whole Life". You can select the face value of the insurance policy at the time of purchase, and your payments are fixed payments. Your insurance premium can be paid in either annual, semi-annual, quarterly, or monthly payments. As you make more and more payment on the insurance policy, it can gain a cash value. This cash value will grow over time, and grows on a deferred tax contingency.

Long Term Care Insurance:

Long Term Care Insurance, which is also refereed to as LTC, is used in order to assist you with your everyday activities when you aren't capable of handling them anymore, such as dressing, bathing, and eating. Long Term Care Insurance, though, is only in effect when your health and disability insurance doesn't cover you anymore. The cost of Long Term Care Insurance can be rather expensive, but the earlier you purchase the policy the lower the payments will be. If you expect that you will want the best care and don't want to lose your shirt in the process.. then you should look into purchasing a Long Term Care Insurance Policy.