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Welcome to Florida... Where “Retirement” brings on a whole new meaning!


Retirement Community Resources
Insurance, Mortgage, Credit, Estate Planning, Medical, and Financial

Looking for resources to plan for your Florida Retirement? Then this is the place for you! In addition to our Florida Adult / Retirement community directory, we have put together some resources for you to begin to plan for a comfortable, relaxed life after work. These guides cover articles, resources, links, and books on the categories of Insurance, mortgages and reverse mortgages, credit and credit repair, estate planning, medical (including plan B and prescription drug coverage), financial planning, and investing.


Proper insurance is important to you peace of mind. By working with a trusted professional, you can make sure you, your spouse, and heirs are covered in the event of poor health or death. This page includes information of the following subjects:

  • Health Insurance
  • Life Insurance (including Term Life, Whole Life, Universal Life, and Variable Life)
  • Long Term Care Insurance

Click Here to learn more about Insurance on our Insurance Resources Page

Mortgages and Reverse Mortgages

Mortgages used to be pretty simple – 15 or 30 year, fixed or variable APR. Now, there are a wide variety of options to choose from. This page not only covers traditional fixed and variable mortgages, but also includes resources for home equity loans, interest only loans, refinancing, and loan calculator links. In addition, we have a guide to reverse mortgage resources to help you learn more about how you can leverage the your house for cash today and still live in it.

Click here to learn more about Mortgages and Reverse Mortgages

Credit and Credit Repair

Financing your dream can be difficult if your credit isn’t what it should be. This section includes links to help you learn what your credit score his how to monitor it and avoid identity theft. If you already have a lower credit score than you want, we have also included resources and tools to help you begin to repair your credit.

Click here to learn more about Credit and Credit Repair

Estate Planning

Failure to properly plan your estate can lead to conflicts and expense among your heirs. Find resources to help you ensure that your estate is handled the way you wants while minimizing the tax burden on your heirs

Click here to learn more about Estate Planning


Health becomes more of an issue as we get older. Find resources for information on Medicare, Medicaid, and prescription drug plans on our medical page

Click here to learn more about Prescription Drugs and Medicare

Financial Planning, Investing, and Retirement

They key to any easy retirement is proper planning and investing. Even if your Florida retirement is years away, you need to start planning today. Find information on Annuities, Perpetuities, Mutual Funds, Stacks, IRA, 401ks and more on this page

Click here to learn more about Financial Planning, Investing, and Retirement.